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Learn Cree with Andrea & Family

Learning a Language Begins in The Home

Even before babies are born, they are learning a language. During pregnancy you can talk or sing to your baby in your language and/or put audio of people speaking in your desired language on your belly. 

After they are born, it is imperative to speak to them in their traditional language as language imprinting happens even before babies can even speak.  However, if your child's first language is English or another dominant language it is still possible to help them learn.  Today is a good day to start. 

As a mother myself, with a desire to pass on the gift of my traditional language to my children, I created this site to help other families begin their dreams of helping their child(ren) learn their traditional language. Follow my blogs in the Learn Section with videos to get started.

Note: This site was created to function as my online teaching portfolio, to offer my services at cost but mainly to help families teach Cree in the home for free.

Where Did It All Begin?

We Only Have Ourselves

In 2013, during my "teaching a second language" class I began to realize that when it came to our Indigenous languages we only had ourselves. We cannot go to another country to learn Cree, it's in our homes and in our communities so to me it was an awakening. It was then that I began trying to teach my fourth child when she was two years old, she had already learned a lot of English. I had missed the opportunity with my older three children, they understand some Cree but are not fluent. I still did not know how to teach her so I started with numbers and little phrases. Now I speak more sentences with her and I speak more Cree to my now three-month old son. 
Later, as I began to teach Cree, I also began to understand that being Cree also meant certain things such as our value and beliefs.


I've learned a lot since 2013 and I want to share it with you at no cost through the learn section. Why? Because I believe we need to pass on our language; it is a gift from Creator, it's a gift from our ancestors, grandparents and parents. Therefore, we have a responsibility to continue that legacy for our children, grand-children and great grand-children.


The tutorials will be uploaded in the learn Cree section

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