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Andrea Custer B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed

Cree Language Educator

tânisi, mihko asiniy iskwîw nitsithikâson, mâhtâwi sîpihk ohci nîtha. tapiskoc nohkomak, nimosomak ikwa nitaskocâpanak kayas ohci omîtho askiy ka-pîwîkicik, î-pimatisîsocik ikwa î-maskwatisicik.


My Cree name is Red Rock Woman, I am from ‘mâhtâwi sîpiy’ like my grandmothers, grandfathers and great-grandparents before me, they have lived here, thrived here and have gotten their strength from these territories since time immemorial.

I am a Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation member from the community of Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan and am a 3rd generation residential school survivor. My grandparents, parents and myself all attended residential schools at Guy Hill in The Pas, MB and Prince Albert, SK.

I am a proud mother of five beautiful children who are inter-generational survivors and fighters.

I am a Woodland Cree "TH dialect" speaker but also have the ability to speak, read and write in the Plains Cree "Y" dialect since most of my career included working with Plains Cree communities. 

I currently reside in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Andrea with grandma Sophie after finishing the last leg of her Master's journey with a 200 km canoe trip from Nipawin, SK to The Pas, MB July 2018

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