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I collect evidence of language learning through informal conversations and observations. Are students using the language in the classroom outside of my teaching time? Are they using it outside? Are they trying to use it with me or with other teachers?  The third part is products which are: introductions, interrogatives, commands, nouns, verbs, foods etc. and their ability to say them with minimal to no teacher assistance.
Oral Assessment
One of the products I have my students practice is an introduction of themselves in Cree; their names, age, community and parents. Everyday, I assess how each student is progressing through oral presentations of their introductions and if they have mastered one level they would be ready for another challenge. 
I decided to use an online format of formative assessment for my students because it is a fun and engaging formal assessment for them. Most of all, it is less stressful for students who found paper tests daunting because of their reading or writing levels. I also found that it had the positive effect of encouraging students to try harder in their efforts to learn Cree.



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