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2nd Language Teaching Methods

Teaching a 2nd language to a non-speaker takes some skills and methods. 2nd Language teaching methods include: TPR (Total Physical Response), ASLA (Accelerated 2nd Lg. Acquisition), Repetition, PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Model), Songs, Singing, Games and Direct Method.  

ASLA Example

This is an image of a cow. I would show the image of the cow to my child and say the word "mostos".  In a ASLA Lesson, there are 16 images all said in Cree and is repeated daily until it has become a part of their brain. This is known as "automaticity" which means that they no longer have to think of the word in Cree, they already know it. It's become an automatic response for them because the association is built between the image and the word.

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