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Conversational Cree

Conversational Cree is important to Cree people. When people strike up a conversation with you, they are trying to establish a connection. This is usually why people ask you about what your name is, what community you’re from and what your parents’ and grandparents’ names are. They are trying to identify the relationship that may exist between you which strikes a bond in some shape or manner.

In addition; you are learning the difference between “ni” which refers to you (I, me) in a conversation. “ki” is refers to a 2nd other (you or your). i.e. nitas = my pants vs. kitas = your pants.

I have only added a few here to help you begin. Download the doc. file which you will find in the "Files" under the "Learn Cree" Section for your reference and keep adding more once you have mastered the questions and answers.

Peson #1 tânsi Hello, How are you?

Person #2 namoya nan’to, kîya mâka

I am well, what about you?

Person #1 tanitê ohci kîya

where are you from?

Person #2 _______ohci nîya

I am from____

Person #1 awina kikawiy

Who is your mother?

Person #2 ______nikawiy

____is my mother

Person #1 awina kohtawiy

Who is your father?

Person #2 _______nohtawiy

____is my father

Person #1 tanitê ê-tôhtiyan

Where are you going?

Person #2 ________ê -tôhtîyan

I am going to (the) ______

Take a look at the video to see how a ball can you help you with each line. My daughter Alyse just tried it for the first time and she was able to easily grasp it in this way. I suggest that you write the lines down on an index card and practice with your child (ren) or others.

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