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How to Introduce Yourself in Cree - Y Dialect & Scarlett's Demo.

Saturday was a fun day. We recorded our debut videos! This video teaches you how to use paper and marker to get your kids to introduce themselves in Cree. I recommend that you record the introduction of yourself or your child and practice as many times as you want daily. Repetition brings automaticity.

It was supposed to be a movie video I edited on iMovie but I've been having technical issues which are a bit complicated. Moving the video's from an android to a macbook, trying to trim them, creating a brand YouTube channel (big mistake), then editing other videos on iMovie & trying to upload which has been a complete fail most of yesterday. So here are two unedited versions.

I hope you enjoy the video of Scarlett. She's already such a good Cree teacher at 8 years old.

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