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nitānis ohci, mōtha mosci itwīwin ōma nikāwiy. aspin ohci kā-ati-kiskīthītak wāhkōtowin itwīwina ati āniskōthītam nītha isi, okāwiya. iyako kā-sākihikot, kā-sawīthimikot, kā-kiskinawahāmākot, ikwa kā-kiskinōtahikot. nikāwiy, iyako ana kā-sākihikot isi kisī-manitowa kā-kī-isīhikot, iyako kā-wīci-pāhpimāt ikwa kā-kiskisimikot omaska

wīsiwin ohci kā-sīkisit. nikāwiy, nitānis ka-kiskisimikiw ōmitho itwīwin ī-sōhkātisit.

For nitānis, this word is not just the literal translation of the word for my mother. From the time she began to learn kinship terms, she has connected this word to me, her mother. A nurturing figure who loves her, protects her, teaches her, and guides her. nikāwiy, is someone who accepts her for who Creator made her to be, someone who laughs with her, hugs her when she is hurting and someone who will remind her of her strength when she feels fear. nikāwiy, nitānis will remember this word as a feeling of power that she holds within herself.

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