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Resources; Build Your Cree Arsenal!

When I first starting trying to teach Scarlett I didn’t have any resources to help me in my endeavours, I certainly didn’t know what kind of resources to look for either. Later, I learned that the goal is take your home routine into consideration and what resources a person can use during that time. For example; when I go for a ride with my daughter I play a Cree CD. If she likes a song and she wants me to turn it up, she has to ask me in Cree. The CD itself brings Cree sounds with songs I want to learn and enjoy or she enjoys. At bedtime, I can read her a book and then say a prayer with her all in Cree.

You want to fill your surroundings with as much Cree as possible so here are some ideas.

Learn Cree With Andrea & Family is one resource which is a series of videos are other resources that can be watched on Smart TV’s, phones, or laptops.

Social Media

- Cree Simon Says is a great place to watch Simon’s video’s, learn from his meme’s and interact with other speakers as well as speakers.

- Cree Word of The Day

- Cree Language Resources

- Coming Soon: Learn Cree with Andrea Facebook Page (April 18th)

CD’s I love CD’s for my car and for putting my son to sleep. If you have an infant, I highly suggest you order Darlene Auger’s CD “Cree Lullabies” available on: You have to have a PayPal account. Cost $25.00 plus shipping & handling.

I also enjoy putting CD’s in the car while we’re driving we can sing along. Cree Children’s Songs & Brian McDonalds Cree songs are available from SICC at:


Celia Deschambault’s Level Readers is a great resource from what I’ve seen. I haven’t used them yet but I just ordered a set for under $50.00. JerBear Books also has other Cree books available for sale. He accepts e-transfers and tax-exemption with your status card. I’m looking forward to reading those with Scarlett. I ordered the senses series.

I’ve also ordered Wilfred Buck’s “Tipaskawi Kisik – Night Sky Star Stories” for under $15.00 I’m going to be doing a series of artwork with Scarlett on this one.


YouTube Videos Go to Learn Cree With Andrea and subscribe to my channel. I’ve created a playlist that I enjoy showing my children.


Who is a resource person for you that you have access to? Friends, grand-parents, parents, aunts, uncles, teacher or maybe you’re the resource person. When you need them; you can see them to learn how to pronounce words you are learning and you can ask them to record into your device so you can hear it over and over again.

Cree Language Camp

Nehiyawak Language Experience offers an intensive Cree language experience on the land with several master teachers including Solomon Ratt, Randy Morin, Bill Cook, Belinda Daniels (Founder) and Dorothy Thunder. Registration starts April 1, 2019!

Cree Language Tool-kit (forgot to mention this great resource on my video)

This is a great resource because it takes a routine in the home into consideration; when we wake up, when we go to bed, reading with our children, praying with them or riding in the car, or when we want to say things to them. The tool-kit itself has an audio CD to help you pronounce them. It’s available at SICC.


First Nations Storybook (Bush Cree) Cree Dictionary Beginner Cree

FHQ Tribal Council

These are only a few of the resources that I’ve compiled. Look around and find what works for you.

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