Freelance Services 


Working with the written word: I can read, comprehend and translate written documents or messages from Cree (SRO) to English or English to Cree (SRO). If you need something translated, I can help you or connect to you other translators. I do any necessary research to ensure that your message or document is accurate and culturally sensitive.


*SRO standard Roman Orthography is the best spelling system designed for Cree because it has consistent spelling rules



I can translate and relay messages from Cree to English and Cree to English in a low-pressure environment such as the hospital or a school.




Trying to say a few words or an entire speech in Cree can be a daunting task for someone with little to no background in the language. With my help, you will be able to deliver your message in Cree. I will write it down in SRO and record it and tutor you online until you are proficient enough to deliver it on your own. Please allow sufficient time for practice for this service, not the night before! 




Standard Minimum Rate for these services is $25/hour

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